Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Deal With Smartbro


Call it a blessing in disguise when my previous was halted last week for reasons I can't explain. (Lesson learned over that one) But oh my! We are ecstatic to switch to SmartBro, knowing through word-of-mouth that Smart has better service and Smart is proven customer-friendly.

Dear friends and followers, can't contain my happiness despite that hindrance I was able to make it doing my rounds this week despite no internet at home. It was difficult because I had to physically hop from one to another - haha, like I did during the early years online. Internet cafes with fastest speed were usually packed with customers so I had to keep looking for another internet cafe checking on their computer's speed test first.

Anyway, extremely happy that is over and am here now online at home because of Smartbro! I'm ecstatic due to their fast service, we just applied Tuesday and got connected that evening! Nothing can beat that :)))

What's more, applying for a connection with Smartbro has it's perks! Surprise! A free 3-in-one too!


Not only that, with Smartbro, I got what all I really wanted for a long time... you will laugh at this - been asking what is my IP and now I got my own! (I hope) ^^,

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Not that I want to be a killjoy but there's a catch there my friend. If you will read the fine print of your contract which I supposed is for two years like my original contract with them, if ever you decide to pre terminate the contract before the two year period ends, you will pay the remaining balance of the two year contract. Great that I was already beyond that contract period so I can terminate their contract any time without paying any extra charges or fee other than the outstanding balance of my account. Another thing, their internet connection is not always fast. There are times that internet activities comes to crawl especially during peak hours. I guess it depends on the density of their users in one's particular area. I am just waiting for PLDT dsl to be available in our area and I will readily switch provider. PLDT charges the same (999.00 pesos a month) but they give you free landline to boot. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Reading Homeschooler said...

Hi, Mel, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the info, it could possibly advise others who are in other areas. Sorry to know your experience with their service is not satisfactory. I suppose it's because there are other users in your area.

Yes, I know what I got is not really a freebie at all, but I see it that way and am so thankful with it - contrary to what I've been through with another leading internet provider :(. Smartbro'se 2-year-contract is fine with me, it's worth the payment. Here in our area the internet speed is fine and should there be any problem, Smart quickly responds with a visit. Again, thanks for the reply. God bless you too. ~Chriss

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