Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanks To These Bloggers!

I take this opportunity to thank the following bloggers that I've been giving linky love on my sidebar for all the ideas that they've shared. The knowledge they've passed on has helped me make my blog better and make me stay in the loop.

How To Create A Flickr Widget (or Badge), I thank ThatItGirl

How To Make Scrolling Blogger Blog Roll , I thank Crispy Papaya

Add Favicon Icon to Blogger URL , I thank Tips For New Bloggers

Buy Me Coffee For Blogger, I thank Blogger PlugIns

How to create a grab-my-button widget, I thank.......

Mommy's Idea

I know there are plenty others who've shared their ideas on improving blogs and on generating widgets that I may not know of yet. Let this be my invitation to all to give the URL of their blog entry and short description about their blog tips. I'll be sure to include them here too :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook


for Today

Wednesday, October 7th

Outside my window... it is rainy and the storm seems to have come back. I remember waking up at dawn startled by the curtains blown by the wind in our living room (where we sleep)

I am thinking...right now? My Cafe World account at Facebook... my Bacon
Cheeseburger just went "ding!" :D Kidding aside, I'm thinking of this blog that I've neglected for quite a time and what I can do especially when I'm too-too busy.

I am thankful for... finally completing the list of ebooks I'm selling for download. You'll find it on my other blog, so please feel free to visit.

From the kitchen... again, I'm not the cook :) but we'll be having Ginataang Breadfruit or what-you-may-call-it (Ginataang Kamansi, in our local dialect)

I am wearing... a black hand-me-down hooded sweatshirt (because it's cold today) and housewear shorts.

I am going... to write emails sent thru facebook today, just to say hi

I am reading... Psalm 46

I am hoping... for fair weather for the Philippines. We really want that, don't we all?

I am hearing... my toddler watching Mr. Bean show in the background

Around the house... clean up to do. I'm still thinking of having our garage turned kitchen painted with white. Kind of like French Provincial. Oh, after the winds of course.

One of my favorite things... a warm mug of coffee.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... ebaying and online selling as usual.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... picture of raindrops taken on our doorstep (I'm on this side of the film, that is, what you see is the entrance to the house for rent)


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Clearing Up Of The Field

Just to share what we've been busy about these days.

Pictures from our small cornfield, a parcel of land which was recently lent to us, plus pictures from the adjacent lot (the house for rent) that we're cleaning up for fruit trees.

Credits to my hubby and his Uncle Ogie (look-a-like of Xi) for the good job.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A quick welcome :)

Want to know more about the material and how selling it online was developed? Please read my previous posts.

I willingly relate and share all the things I experienced in online selling of this book /ebook. In here you will find all of the tips I'm sharing; the websites and ideas that helped; the other websites I have in selling (especially now that Geocities has closed); the feedback of satisfied parents, even the only one bad feedback that I received- though it wasn't true; the person who attempted selling this ebook without authorization- and at a much, much lesser price - and how I blocked the piracy; the odd times I went through but thankfully the cheques kept coming in the mail; I also would like relate how "too dedicated" I am in attending to my duties of delivering books and ebooks on time no matter what happens.

Hey, did you know that I stubbornly attended to my business up to the day I was having labor pains? (I was on the family way with my 5th in 2005) ... I now laugh at that, really, as I look back to those days! Read that story soon here. The story - and more- are just to show how I put the parents/clients first and in a way assure everyone that I'm a very honest person when it comes to my "small business".

I care a lot for the feedback I get from the people who purchase from me. Hours after I receive confirmation of their payment, I get down to facilitating their order (because that is how I am - client's satisfaction first).

And I'm happy that since I've started in 2001, I've maintained this business and continue to receive purchases/orders through word-of-mouth and social networking; what's more, I also accept orders from parents outside the Philippines, that's how the internet has done wonders for me... so I hope you come back often and read more of what I would like to share.

Basically, this is my little way of encouraging anybody, that if an ordinary person such as myself can earn online... then so can YOU!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook


for Today

Wednesday, September 9th

Outside my window... the sun is out, after days of rain!

I am thinking...of good things, positive thoughts... yes, I'm happy!

I am thankful for... this day... it's September 9th, it's my eldest son's 19th birthday... plenty of good news... even our country seems to be in a festive mood after Sen. Noynoy Aquino's announcement today.

From the kitchen... we'll be having a simple lunch of beef and red beans. My hubby's the official cook here :)

I am wearing... a hand-me-down shirt that I love and blue denims. Funny, the shirt says : "The worst day of anything is better than the best day of school" in faded prints. Ha-ha! Why such thoughts about school, this must be my niece's shirt. I also have a beaded bag I just bought.

I am creating... a slideshow of photos from our cornfield and "new" vegetable garden

I am going... to just be like this all day. Will get to work in a while on my ebook selling errands.

I am reading... Proverbs Chapter 24 of the Bible. A verse I found there today is the best advice I could possibly find!

I am hoping... for fair weather, keeps everyone in a good mood.

I am hearing... the Secret movie on tv.

Around the house... my children are home and will be going to school this afternoon. hmm, everything is in order. Surprised!

One of my favorite things... is a day like this, I have a very very good feeling. It's like when I was in the 80's of the amazing days.

A few plans for the rest of the week week will be busy online while I'll be checking on the cornfield out back.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Photobucket


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A Blog Award!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

WW- Day at the cornfield



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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WW- Family Tree Project


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reality of My Living Room


I love Kimchi!

Been wanting to blog about this for so long and share information about this Korean food. It's one of those dishes that we crave at least once a month. However, it's a Korean staple with every meal and can be served daily.

Kimchi was introduced to our family when many years ago we had this Korean family as neighbours. They are great cooks and share/exchange recipes with us. (though our contribution was just "Pinikpikan" and "M&M Jumble cookies")

But with kimchi, because at first we didn't know what it is, we politely accepted. When I first got a taste of it, I thought it was too hot and oddly because of the salty-sour-pungent taste - just imagine how Koreans profusely put chili sauce.

Months later, our neighbour moved and oh no, we forgot to ask her for the kimchi recipe. So I researched it on the internet, considering food safety issues and health benefits ( you will find the links below)

Prepare the basic ingredients:

2 heads Chinese cabbages, ginger, garlic, green onion, red pepper powder and rock salt.


Wash vegetables thoroughly. Remove discolored leaves. Cut cabbages into sections.
Soak in brine mixture of 10 cups water and 1 cup salt.


You may need to weigh the cabbages down with a plate to make sure they are evenly soaked in brine. Soak for 2-7 hours until soft. (You will need to rinse them in cold water after soaking time)


Chop the rest of the ingredients. Finely if you please.


You can put the green onion, ginger and garlic together while the cabbages are soaked.
Keep them covered to maintain their freshness.


After rinsing the cabbages, drain.

Mix the green onion, ginger and garlic together with the cabbages.

Add the red pepper powder. ( we use only minimal red pepper powder hence this kimchi you see below is quite mild)

Blend all evenly to ferment.

Now it's ready!



Try this recipe and feel it's health benefits too!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WW- "Bobder " (Bob The Builder) after a day's work

Sunday, August 16, 2009

EO 712 ~ Jeepney Driver's Dream: single ticketing system

Okey po ako sa EO 712 focused on the single ticketing system and other needs of the transport sector. Mababawasan na rin ng konti ang hirap ng mga jeepney drayber.

Sana naman ay magkaroon din nito sa amin bayan at magkaisa ang SJJODA at MJJODA para idaing ito.
Maski hindi na matatawag na jeepney drayber ngayon ang asawa ko ay maaalala ko pa ang mga pasakit na dinanas niya at dinaranas pa rin ng mga jeepney drayber dito sa amin. Pakengkoy ko na lang itong ikwento para maiba naman.

Hirap kaya ang magpasada sa Manaoag-Dagupan route. Nariyan po ang mga buwaya - dalawang klase ito : drayber na sasalisi sa yo at kunduktor na aagaw ng pasahero mo. Nariyan din ang mga pasahero na ayaw sumakay sa jeepney mo - lalo na kung galing ka ng Manaoag patungong San Jacinto- kapag walang masyadong nakasakay sa jeepney mo. kaya kailangan ang mga "pain". Sabi ko nga noon sa asawa ko pagawa kami ng mga inflatable na mannequin na automatic para di na siya magsakay ng mga "pain"
Nandyan din ang mga kangaroo - ang mga iba-ibang klase ng kundoktor na mahilig mangupit. May magtatago na ng 10 piso bawat biyahe, kaya kung 10 biyahe, aba may 100 extra na siya! At di lang po yun, may nagli-libre pa ng mga pasahero kahit isang baranggay.

May mga jeepney operators din kaming nakilala na... naku po... grabe ang pagka-istrikto. Kaya di ka pwedeng umabsent - pag araw ng pasada mo, kahit naka-swero ka pa dapat bumiyahe ka kungdi ibibigay na yun sa iba at mawawala ka na sa listahan. Kaya nga po bilib din ako sa asawa ko kahit kelan di siya nag-absent, at tsaka... kelangan eh. Ngunit may masamang karanasan din kami sa isang jeepney operator, hindi tinulungan ang asawa ko nung... talaga nga naman!.... nahuli siya ng honorable POSO at na-impound ang jeepney ni sir dahil sa isang pagka- "kagat- labing" pangyayari na napagtripan ang asawa ko na hinuli na nga nung umaga for obstruction daw... tapos nahuli uli nung tanghali kasi panget siya... tapos nahuli uli nung alas-3 dahil masyado siyang masaya kasi andami niya pashero (uy, iisang POSO lang ang humuli sa kanya, ginawa siyang altanghap)
Kaya heto - ang mga POSO- Public Order and Safety Office(POSO) ng Dagupan City (traffic enforcers) sample lang po yang picture, matino pa yan ..... nagbigay ng parusa sa mga maralita at patuloy pa ring nagbibigay ng hinagpis sa mga jeepney drayber sa amin.
Mga POSO ang di namin talaga makakalimutan. Tulad ng nabanggit ko, may gutom sa mga panghuhuli, sabi-sabi nga ay may tinatarget silang quota sa isang araw, totoo ba? Oo, andami pong bawal at sinisikap din naming di gumawa ng violation. Pero matanong lang po, bakit po kapag na-recover na namin ang aming mga lisensya ay mahuhuli kami kaagad pagkalipas ng 1-3 araw? Masakit po yun. At may mga panibagong listahan pa sila sa tuwina... bawal ang tumawag ng pasahero kung hindi ikaw ang kundoktor na naka-ID (hmm) ....bawal ang manigarilyo (tama!)... bawal ang walang basurahan... huli ka kapag walang sticker with disabled passenger sign... bawal ang nakasimangot..... haay! Meron bang tagahuli ng mga abusadong POSO? ---ewan.

So, sa mga POSO ng Dagupan... heto ang FYI:

The Proper Conduct Of A Traffic Enforcer
Below are the guidelines regarding the official procedures and proper conduct for all traffic enforcers:

1. Instruct the driver to pull over to a safe part of the road
2. Inform driver not alight from the vehicle
4. The traffic officer is required to politely inform the driver of the violation commited in clear and understandable language without vulgarity or condescending words. (o, hayan, kaya bawal ang galit na galit at talsik-laway na pananalita ha)
5. The officer is required to fill out the TVR in less than 3 minutes near the hood or beside the driver within hearing distance of the passengers and full view of passing motorists
6. Officer is required to request driver to sign the TVR
7. If driver refuses to sign, the traffic officer is required to inform the driver that he/she can contest the violation at the adjudication board
8. If driver refuses to surrender his/her drivers license, the traffic officer is required to fill out the TVR with the following information:

- plate number
- type of vehicle
- place, time and date of apprehension

9. The traffic officer is required to furnish driver with the original copy of the TVR with the following instructions:

-Where to redeem the TVR
- when to redeem the TVR

Sana po ganun na nga kaayos ang sistema nang sa ganun ay makapag-maneho na rin ako ng jeepney.
So..itutuloy ko na lang ang kwentong jeepney...
Nandyan din ang mga mamaw- as in, mga kaluluwang nagpaparamdam sa mga jeepney drayber at pasahero. Ulitin ko uli ito sa Halloween...Story 1:
Kauumpisa pa lang magmaneho ng asawa ko. Unang araw pa lang, sa parte ng Guibel, San Jacinto patungong Dagupan... tanghali... ay may pasaherong nagsabi ng "PARA!" kaya huminto ang mister ko, kaso nagtinginan lang ang mga tao. Pinaandar nya uli, katapos ng ilang segundo, may pasaherong nagsabi uli ng "PARA!" kaya huminto uli siya pero sabi ng mga pasahero wala naman daw pumapara. Kaya nagtaka ang mister ko, di na lang umimik at tuloy ang maneho. Pagdating sa may maliit na tulay ay mayroon na namang, "PARA!" at huminto ang sasakyan at tumingin ang mister ko sa likuran kung sino ang bababa... wala. Nakupo naman, kinilabutan ang mga pasahero! At nang umandar muli, biglang naputol ang axle ng sasakyan... Hanubayan!
Story 2: Ito, "tindig-balahibo story" kasi naramdaman ko rin.Gabi na noon at last trip na. Umaambon-ambon pa. Papuntang sa highway pa rin ng San Jacinto bago ang Crossing ng Sta.Maria. Mga tatlong pasahero na lang ang sakay namin. Nakisakay ako noon "joyride" lang kasama ng isang kaibigan. Sa loob kami nakaupo, likod lang ng drayber samantalang ang mga pasahero ay sa pinaka-dulo nakaupo. Nasa harapan noon ang kundoktor kasama ng asawa kong nagmamaneho.... Malapit na kami sa next stop kaya tanong ng asawa ko: " May bababa ng crossing?" Narinig namin isang matandang lalake: "Meron.." Okay. So pagdating namin sa crossing hinto kami. Ayy nakupo, walang bumaba! ... Tanong uli ng asawa ko sa mga pasahero: "di ba may bababa sa crossing?" Tinginan kami lahat. Wala sabi nung tatlong pasahero, taga-Manaoag daw sila. Kami naman ngayon ng friend ko at ng kunduktor ang nagtanungan," di ba may matandang sumagot na 'Meron'? eh...Sino yun?" Nandilat mga mata ng kundoktor, drayber at kaibigan ko. Sumagot pa sila: "...parang nakaupo lang sa tabi natin yung tao nung sumagot ah.." Tindig-balahibo kami pareho!!! 
Sunod ko namang ilalahad ang kwento sa mga booking. Sila po ang mga taong bantay sa kalye (appointed nino, di ko alam) at taga-tawag ng pasahero may kundoktor ka man o wala. Ang masaklap, pagkatapos nilang tumawag at makapagpasakay, hihingi sila sa drayber/kundoktor ng 5-10 piso. Wow, dat's hebi! May mga booking din na abuso, makapagtawag lang ng 1 o 2 pasahero mareklamo pa sa 5 pisong iaabot mo..... Minsan kamo ang hirap ng pasada pero tiis lang kami, at nung last trip for the day AY OKAY, tumama kami puno ang jeepney! Pero pagstop-over namin sa sakayan/babaan sa may Cindy's Mangaldan, may grupo ng mga booking doon na nag-aabang. Nagbaba lang kami ng dalawang pasahero, pagkat lahat na ay patungong San Jacinto at Manaoag. May sumakay na dalawa na di naman tinawag ng mga booking. Kaya inakala naming di na kami magbibigay. Pero humingi ng tong. At nagreklamo nung 5-piso lang. Kaya sabi ni mister, sa kundoktor ka na lang kumuha. Pero di rin nagbigay yung kundoktor namin kaya balik siya sa amin. Sabi namin uli, sa kundoktor ka kumuha wala kami barya. Nagalit yung lider at hinampas ng dos-por-dos yung gilid ng aming humble jeepney. What to do ... suggest?

Ito ay kwento ko hango sa tunay na karanasan namin sa pasada, part siya ng buhay namin kwento ko ngayon.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tag Time: One Word

I was tagged twice by my blogging friends, Arlyna of The Flavors of My Life and Beth of Mommy Passionista Thanks to you both! ^_^

This is a ONE WORD tag and you can only answer with just one! It's not easy especially if you want to share more of the story. But it was fun answering. Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. Be sure to tag the person who sent it to you!

1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Your hair? ponytail
3. Your mother? deceased
4. Your father? same
5. Your favorite food? Kimchi
6. Your dream last night? abroad
7. Your favorite drink? tea
8. Your dream/goal? health
9. What room you are in? living
10. Your hobby? reading
11. Your fear? death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Germany
13. Where were you last night? home
14. Something that you aren’t? gossiper
15. Muffins? No :)
16. Wish list item? Blackberry
17. Where you grew up? Pangasinan
18. Last thing you did? stretch
19. What are you wearing? PJs
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? Dogs
22. Friends? plenty
23. Your life? positive
24. Your mood? great
25. Missing someone? mom
26. Car? none :)
27. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? ebay
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When is the last time you laughed? morning
31. Last time you cried? MJ
32. Who will resend this? bloggers
33. One place that I go to over and over? sari-saristore
34. One person who emails me regularly? aunt
35. My favorite place to eat? home :)

I'm passing on this tag to my friends: Josie,Peachkins, Shaine, Mira,Babette, Jessa, and Janz.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogthings - My 1950s name

Thanks to Ria of It's My Party (and I'll Cry If I Want To) who always remembers to tag me with these quizzes. As promised, here is the answer...

Your 1950s Name is: Thelma Frances

What's buzzin, cuzzin?

What's Your 1950s Name?

With this I'm tagging all my friends on my blogroll, so feel free to grab it! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Francis M -inspired basketball ring

That's a Francis M-inspired basketball ring set-up by my nephew Matt at our backyard. "Three stars and the sun"

Wanna know something funny? They attached it to a breadfruit tree and the basketball ring's been going up day by day, farther from their reach. Kasi they forgot that they stuck it to a live tree!

Below are my children CottonCandy reaching for the ball, Jbean aiming for a shoot, watching on the side are Cupcake and Andrei (Matt's son, or in short, my apo, hehe)

Friday, May 22, 2009

School enrolment last May 18

I'm writing this entry to give attention to a huge task that needs improvement and assistance in our school system, and maybe we (the PTCA members) ought to think of involving the parents, officers and members. Please don't get me wrong, I love this school because my boys are safe there and most teachers know us personally - that is also the reason why I'm not naming it. I merely want to share my observation and a few ideas I brainstormed with other parents about when we were there. It's really important for me to get my reader's say on the matter, please leave a comment or any suggestion. It will be appreciated... then maybe I can present them perhaps at the closing of this school year.


My family woke up early today to get ahead in enrolment and to avoid the long wait or the long queue at SJNHS (it's a public school near our town).

What was perplexing is that the incoming freshmen (us) were asked to queue up at the
Multi-purpose Building for submission of form 138 and birth certificate. 3 minutes later, change of plan, we were sent to the Guidance Office instead.

Yet from there, a minute later, we were sent back to where we came from. Oi, imagine that - we queued up then broke, then queued up and broke. My son and I went from being #5 to #18 to #33. The line was slow, that my hubby and I had to change places. See me at my plainest below (promise!).


Jellybean took the picture, but er.. I just kept my joking mood while waiting... and having idle chat with the other "nanays".
My worst jokes? "The teacher-in-charge comes back every commercial break, she's an avid follower of the show "Ruffa and Ai" Then later again, I say "Looks like this line is for buying movie tickets to a Sarah Geronimo movie!" corny, right?

Photobucket A-ha, later on a fight ALMOST ensued between two parents over who's in charge - the teachers or parents. A parent near the submission desk told most of us to just leave our children's credentials on the table and the faculty will look into that. (Sort of she was giving out the wrong information) The other parents, one after the other, wondered why some were submitting their papers ahead. Then the faculty in charge had to clarify to those within earshot that she didn't give that direction - we, in turn, passed on the message (And the papers too!) Imagine the time wasted just for that. Ayayay!

Anyway,my friends, you probably got the details when you kept updated with me via twitter. Even the more eternal ordeal when we went to the next building for our 2 other boys' enrolment.


Shocking, eh? Well, pasensiya! ;-)

You just have to smile and retain your cool as some parents and students try to bypass the system, daring even to create 2 more lines nearest the desk, without the approval of the faculty.

So here's, hehe......Super Christine to the rescue! I called on the guard to maintain order. Then some of us parents helped watch the submission desk and see that no one edges their way to the short-cut. Even my hubby watched there, people must've thought he was the newly appointed security guard because of his demeanor. It took us 'til quarter past 1 to get done there.

One thing is sure, the faculty members are short-staffed this time. I personally think having PTCA officers should have helped or at least had some parents volunteer to help. And if they would, they sure can count me in.. at least for the first 2 days :)

As we were waiting for hours in line, I can't help but think of other solutions to this or think of lessons to be learned. A-ha, (1) Google "how to organize an efficient enrolment system"! (2) How about using card number system perhaps? (3)Or having enrollees stay two feet away and wait in line like what we do when transacting in a bank? And having a megaphone handy especially in places where you expect a huge crowd and you can hardly hear above it the noise? (4)How about having the parents submit enrolment credentials and payment inside an envelope (which will be duly-checked first) and giving them a number with a scheduled date to pick-up?

I hope, sana, that teachers can also look for a better place for parents/enrollees to line up for their credentials. Please better test your plan at noon when the sun is at its hottest to see how comfortable enough it will be for us.

I admit, I have no clue how the school enrolment system can work better, but I'd like to give a few untested suggestions and if given a chance, I hope to suggest it in a meeting. I believe my idea will be used better when leaders/officers will hear it. My ideas are just that and I strongly believe that two or more heads are better than mine.

My idea is, at this age of technology and advancement, it is a waste of time employing a disorganized method of enrolment. Keeping a journal of the past events make the next one better.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just joined "Ako Mismo"


To date, there are 100,527 total pledges on the wall of commitments.

I heard of this organization from the commercial breaks during Pacquiao's boxing match with Hatton. It's slogan is Ako Mismo, Ang Kikilos, Para Sa Bayan Ko.

AKO MISMO is a movement to energize and rejuvenate young Filipinos and move them to action.

As an advocacy, it is anchored on the following fundamental beliefs:
1) There is an inherent desire in every Filipino to effect positive change in the country. This is a tremendous force for change.
2) Social Change is possible when individuals commit to a concrete actionable behavior that results to positive change
3) The power of the collective force of individuals who believe in making a difference will be the driving force for a sustainable transformation of Philippine society.

To fellow Pinoys, if you haven't joined yet, I encourage you to do so and post your pledge. You'll see how, in every pledge you made, you find a change in you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Sony DSC-S60 camera


I'm still in the process of learning how to use this camera handed down to us by my in-laws. It came without a manual so I searched for it online and voila! there it is embedded below. Found the manual via google and just uploaded it to Scribd. I just had to embed it here, saves me the time searching ;-)

Ah, as I rub my hands together, I can't wait to take pictures again just as I once did during the early 90's! I'll be posting more of those to my Flickr page soon!

Sony DSC-S60 Manual
Sony DSC-S60 Manual Chriss

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paypal payments accepted

This ebook can now be purchased immediately when you have Paypal. Simply log on to Paypal and click the Send Money tab and send payment. Or just click on the Buy Now button below.

It's great to have the help of Paypal for trading and selling online, especially for those who reside outside the Philippines and have no other access to safely send payment. Good news is, it's convenient and anyone's bank/credit card details will not be divulged to a second party.

ebook sent as email attachment

for $7.00 only

We accept payments from the Philippines and internationally

"TEACHING YOUR 3- TO 7-YEAR-OLD CHILD HOW TO READ IN 90 DAYS!" is devised as a parents and teacher's guide with an individualized approach to teaching reading. Parents and children who have tried our lessons only spent 3- 5 minutes each lesson per day. Just imagine your feeling of surprise mixed with quiet pride as you watch your child read his first book by himself!

Interested parents and teachers within the Philippines may also purchase thru any of the available modes of payment as follows: GCASH, SMARTMONEY, BANCO DE ORO, BPI, WESTERN UNION or CEBUANA LHUILLIER

Please send your inquiries to or

or text me at 639062757330

To know more about this material, please email or also visit


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Dear Delinquent Tenant

(that's me, still ha-ha, listening to calming sounds of the jungle. I'm at the house for rent, for clean up)

On January 20
I've unleashed my pent-up fury towards my tenant. Finally! I did not even talk to her yet, but I've relayed my message that I'm tired of her ways.

It was not in a violent way, but close enough. It was 9:30PM January 20 and DelinquentTenant was due to pay the rent on January 7 but until this time she has not handed in her payment. As DelinquentTenant usually does every month, she says this and that but they are all excuses - just reasons to hide a lie.

That afternoon, I thought of searching the internet for sample copies of Notice to Pay Rent or Quit and Eviction Notice. I realize it does not apply here in the Philippines; that the usual thing landlords do is to send them packing in a week or month's time. I- just for a difference- prefer to handle it the pen & paper way. So instead of railing at DelinquentTenant, I had a notice to pay rent served this evening.

My hubby went to DelinquentTenant's house to collect, for that is what she always asks. What would you expect....again she says she will hand in her payment tomorrow at 10AM (Well, I think I've heard this from her countless times before?!?) .... So my hubby comes back to our house - which is just a stone's throw away from DelinquentTenant's. My hubby explains to me that DelinquentTenant will surely pay tomorrow. I just shook my head thinking when will tomorrow come? And just like that the German Shepherd in me yelled : " IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS NOW, UNTIL WHEN ARE WE GOING TO KEEP UP WITH THAT?!?" sa Pangalatok ko po sinabi.

I hope someone reading this will understand my predicament. I tell you, I think I have been too considerate of DelinquentTenant since she rented the place in July 2007 - wherein she only paid on time three times. The rest - she was 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, and 19 days late. I am angry at myself for giving in too much- for being too considerate - when in fact one of the provisions in the Rental Agreement reads as follows:

Tenant hereby acknowledges that late payment will cause Landlord to incur costs not contemplated by this Rental Agreement, the exact amount of which will be extremely difficult to ascertain. In the event rent is not received prior to 5:00 P.M. on the _____ of the month, regardless of cause including dishonored checks, Tenant further agrees to pay a late charge to Landlord equal to eighty pesos (Php80.00) each week the rent is late. Neither ill health, loss of job, financial emergency or other excuse will be accepted for late payment. just mention one of the 4 provisions she breached.

That evening, when DelinquentTenant got hold of the Notice To Pay Rent, she said she will go to the ATM machine and withdraw the money for the rentals. As in , ASAP. She told my hubby to wait up because she will pay even if she comes back at 12 AM. The thing now is, we waited for her until 1PM - I realize how gullible of us to do so. But she never returned.....

January 21
The next morning, our councilor-neighbor just reported that he saw DelinquentTenant sneak inside at dawn. And later around 8 we saw her leaving with her daughter to withdraw her dinero. We couldn't help but go find out when she will be back, but the maid and the others kept mum.

We waited the whole day for her to come back as they said she will. It was a long wait and believe me, this was a day that we had no money, we had to borrow money from the internet shop for our basic needs and we thought of not sending the kids to school but then they had their exams.

Guess when DelinquentTenant came back? 9:30PM! She came home and ASAP had her maid call on us. She paid us on January 21 for the rent covering Dec7 to Jan7, plus penalties from November totaling 4330. She gave 4500. But here's the catch: DelinquentTenant declares she intends to leave the following month so we should give her back 7000 for her Security Deposit. WHAT! (I suddenly remembered the story of a man who paid his debts by just letting the creditor listen to the jiggling coins inside his hat) She argued with my hubby and threatened to meet us in any confrontation that she'll surely take her policeman-son along. Uh.... okay.

January 22-24 We did not disturb her peace anymore. We sought out the baranggay captain's assistance in this matter. We waited for a schedule of our meeting at the baranggay hall. Unfortunately it fell on a Sunday morning, but still we went.

January 25... ah, this day... I'm still thinking if I'll give all the details - though boring they may seem.

But I feel really bad about what happened, I'm remorseful. Honestly, I have never felt so infuriated in years, so just blame me. Before this meeting I've thought to keep quiet no matter what she issues she throws our way. The actual meeting, though, she hemmed and hawed on trivial concerns just to get her way. The bad thing - it was all LIES. So I took the lead and took all the papers on the table... told DelinquentTenant that all the issues she was raising up were irrelevant. I told her, if you will allow me to answer all those issues punto por punto based on the Rental Agreement. I read all the 4 provisions she did not follow. She looked the other way and went on her monologue. I handed her policeman-son the eviction notice I am about to have her sign and why. In there he found the list of all the days her rent came in late; I guess he too was so surprised. He read it and gave attention to every detail. He seemed the quiet type and never said a bad word. But, FYI, I never liked PNP policemen they just give me the creeps. Can't blame me for that, am just being honest.

But DelinquentTenant would not give way and raised all sorts of issues.
LIE: said that on January 20 evening she could not sleep because my hubby kept coming back to collect the rent
FACT: she said that my hubby wait up until 12AM for her payment
LIE: said my hubby told her that we will file a case against her maski saan kami makarating
FACT:(1) we never said a word about that; we won't waste money to pay a lawyer; that's the reason why we ARE at the baranggay captain's place (2) it was DelinquentTenant who said that

What happened next was like a scene from my bad dreams. I forgot where I was and *bleeped* and *blinded* at her. Everyone, including people outside the Brgy. Captain's residence, thought I was going to attack her physically. At least my hubby and my sister-in-law knew that side of me 19 years ago, so they were watching me closely.

I never got up from my chair. I unknowingly just shifted my position to what looked like intimidating, while I was making myself very loud and clear of what my problem is with her. She still would not stop and claimed she was right. She would not sign. She demanded I pay her damages. She threw so many curveballs that did not prove anything substantial.... yes, and one more LIE- she took out an electric bill/receipt with an amount computed by pen totalling 5200, which she said the electric cooperative said I still owe when DelinquentTenant's family moved in. She demanded I reimburse her for the fees she paid. I checked the bill, while thinking back how it happened - because as an SOP I always clear previous tenants' back accounts before I let a new one move in. I even give the electric/water billing receipts to the new tenants for proof ...then BINGO! this receipt must be the one! I flared up and called her a liar and kept the receipt in my folder. She protested that she paid the bill herself. I handed the receipt to the Brgy.Captain and did a double-take - the date was in Nov 15 2007 when Delinquent-Tenant got disconnected, it's her own bill then that she was blaming me for! All the more I got mad at her and called her a desperate liar. Apparently, she was bringing up issues - just anything- to divert our attention from the breach of contract and for her to claim damages.

And I thought nothing will come out of it when finally her son, the policeman, for the first time spoke and said, if that is the case then please give us time to leave.. on or before February 7. After all the trouble, the now red-faced DelinquentTenant signed the eviction notice acknowledging her promise to pay on February 7 before she leaves.

That's the end of my story. I hope you understood what I just typed. My English is bad and so is my French - I can't let it out. God is watching. Lord, I am sorry for taking matters into my own hands and not letting others work on it. I am speechless. . . . and remorseful.

Oops, What if they recorded the incident for proof on a hidden digicam and uploaded it on YouTube? Oh, no!


Forgive me, dear readers, I'm rereading what I just typed and I don't make sense. I rarely get angry, very very rare. I strive to be pleasing and very understanding of other people. But there are rare times that I do, and when that happens... what a bad hair day for others.

I am still upset and tense about my behaviour, it's "unbecoming of me". Though, as of this afternoon, we've been laughing at the incident as I ask my hubby and SIL "Was I that scary?" to which they would laugh and answer, "Yes, we couldn't have stopped you. You looked Hannibal Lecter-ish"