Sunday, February 19, 2012

Techie Wannabe - Create A Facebook Like Page For Your Blog Or Product

The fast progress of Facebook as a social networking site has made it the most visited site by netizens. Thanks to Facebook, we bloggers now find it as the best place to promote our blogs with minimal effort. A plus because when people Like your Page on Facebook, their friends will also be able to see it and can visit your page too. I personally think it's great!

Looks like rocket science when creating a Facebook Like Page, but no, it's not at all! A little, maybe :) But let me share my instructions to you, though you'll have to forgive me because I narrate in the most basic way I can even down to making it understandable by a 6th grader, ha-ha!

So here it goes:

Login to your Facebook account and go to Create Page on Facebook. You will get some options to select from - Local Business or Place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product and so on. Select “Brand or Product”. A drop-down box will show. Select “Website” and give your Page a title- your blog's title will be best. Mark a check on Agree with the terms and conditions and Get Started.


There... you've created a Facebook Page for your blog!
Wait, there's an itty-bitty more that needs to be done. Upload a thumbnail picture of your blog page or your blog's logo. This is to give it the recognition label for your fans and followers.
(optional - Not shown)You can do this just after creating the Page. Click "Edit Page" on the top right corner. On the next page select "Apps" found on the left navigation. You will find "Notes" as the last option. Just select, and follow through with the instructions. You will need your Feed Address to go through.

( I simply got mine from Opera pop-up thumbnails, as below)

Next, Tell Your Fans. Invite your Facebook friends to Like and join your Page. Import contacts from your email to Facebook and invite them to Like your Page too.
On Promote This Page on your website, select Add Like Box. Or go to this Page and change the Facebook Page url to your Facebook Page Name ID, and check the options (width, color scheme, show faces, etc) that you like to have for your Like Box as it would fit in your blog design.
When done, click "Get code" and highlight-copy the "iframe" code and paste to your blog.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Make Money Monday With Socipoll - Earn By Voting On Online Polls

A new and growing online earning opportunity is here! It has been most recommended by my online friends and they have their proofs of payment too.


If you are regularly online and love to join paid-to-click advertisements and get referrals, then this online opportunity is no different yet much more exciting! It's as easy as your Paid to click advertisements, but this one is so simple and easy - and guarantees faster earnings!

What you can earn commissions for:*

$0.20 a signup you have referred
$1.00 a signup you have referred that has come back and created at least one poll, voted on at least three polls and made at least one comment
$5.00 a signup you have referred that has come back 5 times in 5 different weeks, has created at least one poll in five different weeks, has voted on at least three polls in five different weeks and has made at least one poll comment in five different weeks

The idea behind the tiered payment system is to encourage you to not just refer friends, but engage them using Socipoll. All signups are tracked by an id either on the facebook or twitter buttons, or the text/email link on every poll results page directly under the poll. All commission payments are made via Paypal at the first of each month.

What to do:

1. Either login or sign up for an account if you do not already have one
2. Login, and be sure to add a valid paypal address to which we can send your earnings in the edit info section
3. Once you've logged in, you can Facebook like/send, tweet or email using the links below each poll, and your affiliate ID will be attached to track.
3b. Instead of referring individual polls, you can also send your friends your Socipoll URL for the homepage,
4. Engage your signups by requesting friend status on Socipoll, create polls, vote and comment on their polls.

You need a UNIQUE IP ADDRESS for yourself and your referrals to successfully sign up and for your votes credited for cash. One household per membership, basically.

NO NEED TO VERIFY EMAIL ADDRESS..just maintain your account every week or every other day answering poll questions, cast votes, or create your own poll and of course, invite referrals. To keep earning thru your invited referrals, encourage them to cast votes on 5 polls and leave 2 comments on polls daily or as regularly as possible.

Thanks to all who will sign up, please leave a comment to confirm or email me at (remove NOSPAM)

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