Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Dear Delinquent Tenant

(that's me, still ha-ha, listening to calming sounds of the jungle. I'm at the house for rent, for clean up)

On January 20
I've unleashed my pent-up fury towards my tenant. Finally! I did not even talk to her yet, but I've relayed my message that I'm tired of her ways.

It was not in a violent way, but close enough. It was 9:30PM January 20 and DelinquentTenant was due to pay the rent on January 7 but until this time she has not handed in her payment. As DelinquentTenant usually does every month, she says this and that but they are all excuses - just reasons to hide a lie.

That afternoon, I thought of searching the internet for sample copies of Notice to Pay Rent or Quit and Eviction Notice. I realize it does not apply here in the Philippines; that the usual thing landlords do is to send them packing in a week or month's time. I- just for a difference- prefer to handle it the pen & paper way. So instead of railing at DelinquentTenant, I had a notice to pay rent served this evening.

My hubby went to DelinquentTenant's house to collect, for that is what she always asks. What would you expect....again she says she will hand in her payment tomorrow at 10AM (Well, I think I've heard this from her countless times before?!?) .... So my hubby comes back to our house - which is just a stone's throw away from DelinquentTenant's. My hubby explains to me that DelinquentTenant will surely pay tomorrow. I just shook my head thinking when will tomorrow come? And just like that the German Shepherd in me yelled : " IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS NOW, UNTIL WHEN ARE WE GOING TO KEEP UP WITH THAT?!?" sa Pangalatok ko po sinabi.

I hope someone reading this will understand my predicament. I tell you, I think I have been too considerate of DelinquentTenant since she rented the place in July 2007 - wherein she only paid on time three times. The rest - she was 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, and 19 days late. I am angry at myself for giving in too much- for being too considerate - when in fact one of the provisions in the Rental Agreement reads as follows:

Tenant hereby acknowledges that late payment will cause Landlord to incur costs not contemplated by this Rental Agreement, the exact amount of which will be extremely difficult to ascertain. In the event rent is not received prior to 5:00 P.M. on the _____ of the month, regardless of cause including dishonored checks, Tenant further agrees to pay a late charge to Landlord equal to eighty pesos (Php80.00) each week the rent is late. Neither ill health, loss of job, financial emergency or other excuse will be accepted for late payment. just mention one of the 4 provisions she breached.

That evening, when DelinquentTenant got hold of the Notice To Pay Rent, she said she will go to the ATM machine and withdraw the money for the rentals. As in , ASAP. She told my hubby to wait up because she will pay even if she comes back at 12 AM. The thing now is, we waited for her until 1PM - I realize how gullible of us to do so. But she never returned.....

January 21
The next morning, our councilor-neighbor just reported that he saw DelinquentTenant sneak inside at dawn. And later around 8 we saw her leaving with her daughter to withdraw her dinero. We couldn't help but go find out when she will be back, but the maid and the others kept mum.

We waited the whole day for her to come back as they said she will. It was a long wait and believe me, this was a day that we had no money, we had to borrow money from the internet shop for our basic needs and we thought of not sending the kids to school but then they had their exams.

Guess when DelinquentTenant came back? 9:30PM! She came home and ASAP had her maid call on us. She paid us on January 21 for the rent covering Dec7 to Jan7, plus penalties from November totaling 4330. She gave 4500. But here's the catch: DelinquentTenant declares she intends to leave the following month so we should give her back 7000 for her Security Deposit. WHAT! (I suddenly remembered the story of a man who paid his debts by just letting the creditor listen to the jiggling coins inside his hat) She argued with my hubby and threatened to meet us in any confrontation that she'll surely take her policeman-son along. Uh.... okay.

January 22-24 We did not disturb her peace anymore. We sought out the baranggay captain's assistance in this matter. We waited for a schedule of our meeting at the baranggay hall. Unfortunately it fell on a Sunday morning, but still we went.

January 25... ah, this day... I'm still thinking if I'll give all the details - though boring they may seem.

But I feel really bad about what happened, I'm remorseful. Honestly, I have never felt so infuriated in years, so just blame me. Before this meeting I've thought to keep quiet no matter what she issues she throws our way. The actual meeting, though, she hemmed and hawed on trivial concerns just to get her way. The bad thing - it was all LIES. So I took the lead and took all the papers on the table... told DelinquentTenant that all the issues she was raising up were irrelevant. I told her, if you will allow me to answer all those issues punto por punto based on the Rental Agreement. I read all the 4 provisions she did not follow. She looked the other way and went on her monologue. I handed her policeman-son the eviction notice I am about to have her sign and why. In there he found the list of all the days her rent came in late; I guess he too was so surprised. He read it and gave attention to every detail. He seemed the quiet type and never said a bad word. But, FYI, I never liked PNP policemen they just give me the creeps. Can't blame me for that, am just being honest.

But DelinquentTenant would not give way and raised all sorts of issues.
LIE: said that on January 20 evening she could not sleep because my hubby kept coming back to collect the rent
FACT: she said that my hubby wait up until 12AM for her payment
LIE: said my hubby told her that we will file a case against her maski saan kami makarating
FACT:(1) we never said a word about that; we won't waste money to pay a lawyer; that's the reason why we ARE at the baranggay captain's place (2) it was DelinquentTenant who said that

What happened next was like a scene from my bad dreams. I forgot where I was and *bleeped* and *blinded* at her. Everyone, including people outside the Brgy. Captain's residence, thought I was going to attack her physically. At least my hubby and my sister-in-law knew that side of me 19 years ago, so they were watching me closely.

I never got up from my chair. I unknowingly just shifted my position to what looked like intimidating, while I was making myself very loud and clear of what my problem is with her. She still would not stop and claimed she was right. She would not sign. She demanded I pay her damages. She threw so many curveballs that did not prove anything substantial.... yes, and one more LIE- she took out an electric bill/receipt with an amount computed by pen totalling 5200, which she said the electric cooperative said I still owe when DelinquentTenant's family moved in. She demanded I reimburse her for the fees she paid. I checked the bill, while thinking back how it happened - because as an SOP I always clear previous tenants' back accounts before I let a new one move in. I even give the electric/water billing receipts to the new tenants for proof ...then BINGO! this receipt must be the one! I flared up and called her a liar and kept the receipt in my folder. She protested that she paid the bill herself. I handed the receipt to the Brgy.Captain and did a double-take - the date was in Nov 15 2007 when Delinquent-Tenant got disconnected, it's her own bill then that she was blaming me for! All the more I got mad at her and called her a desperate liar. Apparently, she was bringing up issues - just anything- to divert our attention from the breach of contract and for her to claim damages.

And I thought nothing will come out of it when finally her son, the policeman, for the first time spoke and said, if that is the case then please give us time to leave.. on or before February 7. After all the trouble, the now red-faced DelinquentTenant signed the eviction notice acknowledging her promise to pay on February 7 before she leaves.

That's the end of my story. I hope you understood what I just typed. My English is bad and so is my French - I can't let it out. God is watching. Lord, I am sorry for taking matters into my own hands and not letting others work on it. I am speechless. . . . and remorseful.

Oops, What if they recorded the incident for proof on a hidden digicam and uploaded it on YouTube? Oh, no!


Forgive me, dear readers, I'm rereading what I just typed and I don't make sense. I rarely get angry, very very rare. I strive to be pleasing and very understanding of other people. But there are rare times that I do, and when that happens... what a bad hair day for others.

I am still upset and tense about my behaviour, it's "unbecoming of me". Though, as of this afternoon, we've been laughing at the incident as I ask my hubby and SIL "Was I that scary?" to which they would laugh and answer, "Yes, we couldn't have stopped you. You looked Hannibal Lecter-ish"


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Teach Your Child How to Read In 90 Days!" the revised edition in ebook


This was the eBook cover of the revised edition.

I worked on this ebook in 2005 and finally finished in May of 2006 just in time when I began selling it. It was hard work for me and more so that I was surviving on a shoestring budget. But special thanks to a friend from church, Victor, who had an internet cafe infront of Nepo Mall Dagupan and gave me free use of his computers and scanner.

Many parents have requested in the past for this format, so here we are! It is the much improved edition from the old one. It contains much more than the old one and has colorful illustrations. More modules and lessons were added. Now 150 pages with a series of 61 lessons. The same simple methods introduced in the first edition are used. I have added more lessons to it, plenty of home activities, games and some nursery rhymes too. A parent's guide is included in the first part of the material and it's easy to follow

This format is usually sent via email as attachment, as it costs a fraction less than the book version. (This costs Php280.00 or $7.00). It was then accepted by parents/teachers as a more favorable method of delivery since it's convenient.

I think so too, but I've also offered the ebook in CD version for those parents who prefer to install the software onto their personal computer. As an extra companion, I used to add the simplified Powerpoint version** - this too is good for the review and for children much too young to understand the complexity of reading.

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**The Powerpoint presentation is no longer available due to the piracy I found out in 2007.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top EC droppers for December

Happy New Year everyone. I would like to thank the ec droppers and visitors to my blog this December. I had just a few drops this past month because I haven't ec dropped that well for this blog this month. I also include the top ec droppers to my PINK*JeepEbooks blog.

Please accept my thanks, everyone! Here's to a better ec dropping this January!


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