Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks to this November's Top Entrecard Droppers

All my heartfelt thanks to all my new friends I met through this blog and with the great help of entrecard. Thanks likewise to those who regularly visited and dropped on my blog. Will try to keep up and drop back as I just started seriously dropping recently.

To all this month's Top Entrecard Droppers on Reading Homeschooler, here's the linkylove :)

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Malunggay Farm Update November


Thanks for the visit! Here's an update: we are now selling moringa oleifera seeds / malunggay seeds all year round. Please visit my page here

Just the picture that welcomed me back, after I summoned the courage to visit the field again in November 16. After much research from the farming forums, I went back with all organic sprays and tools to remedy the yellowing of the leaves.

Not much problem anymore since the yellowing has stopped since we've treated them initially with sulfate. What gives me a headache, you might guess, is the weeds that have grown all over the place due to neglect and lack of time when my hubby was busy assisting a family friend during the baranggay elections. Actually, that picture above reads "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Ha-ha! Indeed it's true! I could not imagine how I can get these things done, yet we'll be almost done - fingers crossed and hoping there won't be any rain during the afternoon.





Friday, October 22, 2010

Malunggay Farm After Typhoon Juan October 18-19

3 days after Typhoon Juan I visited the malunggay farm. It seems I lost the key to the gate by my niece's house so I passed by the open fence. I'm glad that somehow these trees survived the storm and the minimal flooding of rainwater - most of them at least.



Yet, as seen below, there are some signs of yellowing from the other trees which could have come from too much rain or slight damage from the winds.


According to what I researched and asked around, yellowing is caused by some plant pests. Thankfully, that is taken cared of already thru organic remedies.



The trees are no longer in a straight row, due to the winds. We cannot move them to straighten as they still need to recover.


Friday, October 15, 2010

From Newspaper Classified Ads to Online Selling Sites

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Above, that's the Php1,200.00 a day ad on PDInquirer. I bought an ad space just once to give it a try. The return was 4 inquiries and 2 sales. Not bad.


This one above is from the Buy & Sell Classified Ads. It helped some.


Above, my ad in 2002 at Baguio Midland Courier, a local newspaper in Baguio City. This is the newspaper ad that gave me back my money's worth. Note: is also my email address


(Ad above and below) Lastly, even on the Abante Tabloid, to reach the C-D audience, I gave it a try. Got 10 inquiries, no sales though. Note: my mobile number was 09198242668

I'm featuring these classified ads, as part of my personal "sentimental" clippings of 2001 when I started. I got this idea from a direct marketing guide,however obsolete that was, I still gave it a try as it just might work. Yet, I admit now that I made a mistake of not checking on the trends that year; I'm glad though that what I was looking for (selling via internet) was already with me to begin with! It was a roundabout of sorts for me ^^

Much later, as I mentioned in my previous posts,I learned that in this age of technology selling online is twice better. Here are the online selling sites I've joined and posted in within the span of 8 years.



Friday, October 8, 2010

What would you do if you were a victim of piracy

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Got this email reported and forwarded to me a few years ago... If this happened to you, what would you do?

And although this issue is still not completely resolved, I would like to post it with the sender's name partially hidden. This email was posted in a parenting group where one of the members posted my ad; within that thread, though, another member replied back:

m*l*an*e*syo**g@******** Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 07:26:53 -0700 From:m*l*an*e*syo**g@******** Subject: Re: reading book
To: ****************************

hello po! P125 lang po. bale 4 files ng ebook (pdf format). i'll send you na rin un powerpoint presentation (3 files) plus 1 file ng nursery rhymes compilation. it will be sent via email.
i can print it all din if you want, in black and white then i'll ship them to you via aboitiz 2g0. p275 po including shipping.
payment is via can send gcash even if your not a globe subscriber. just go to any globe centers to cash in. you'll need the following details:
K** A*******
*** real st. e. aldana
las pinas city
thanks! :)

My first reaction was, "Oh my, this is so ridiculous!" Laughed out loud. Yet, I felt my pulse race and I admit I was a bit disturbed. We've worked so hard on this book, including the research and the promotion. We also started small and improvised for our needs when need be.. and now here, someone was selling my e-book without approval!

I know I'm not anybody well-known, in fact I'm just a very very ordinary citizen from the province. But still that is my work, I own the copyright and even the exclusive right to sell it. Sad, that this person doesn't realize the things I have gone through before I sold the material as an ebook. Now here she was selling it at low low price.

So here's what I did then: I wrote her, quoting the forwarded email message. I sent my copyright certificate as attachment. In my letter, I told her that she is not authorized to sell the cd or the material unless she sends me a request and that upon my approval she can do so. I also added to please let whomever she got the ebook from to stop selling without my permission (I know from my directory she is not one of the subscribers)

I admit, it was also my fault for not safe-guarding the ebook from piracy back then and not regulating it's distribution. Though I'm glad that so far since 2001 I've been consistent in listing my customers names and other details. This last bit is a plus for the subscribers of the ebook because when they lose their e-copy they can just call or email me for a replacement at no cost.

Despite what happened, it did not stop me from selling. In fact I've researched how I could protect the ebook from copyright infringement and did exactly that. As subscribers will notice, the ebook is now password-protected with the copy number assigned to each. So I suppose that will do for now. Will keep everyone posted!

Read: How To Protect Your Work From Copyright Violation

Book WAgon

Friday, September 17, 2010

Malunggay Farm Developments September



The stalks are wrapped with plastic to prevent rain water damage




Good sign! Leaves are beginning to grow.

Need to cut weeds again soon, with a reliable grass-cutter. We will borrow a grass-cutter again next week. As of today (sept 11), we bought 2 1/2 trike-ful of malunggay again for planting.



Monday, August 30, 2010

Developing A Malunggay Farm

Am here again, friends, and again apologize for the nth time for my absence from serious blogging. I'm sharing (above) photos of our malunggay farm with mango and papaya trees on the side.

It's been more than a month now since my hubby cleared up the tall weeds up to the time he planted the malunggay stalks. Tough work indeed, and all I'm allowed to do is watch, take photos here and there and bring lunch for them so-called "workers"

I'll just be sharing the photos from the first of August until the 17th. Yet at this time the farm has developed so much already with more than 500 trees planted!

This is a huge project for us. We just plant according to what we learn online and from the advice of trusted farmers. So far our goal is to plant 1000 trees in this 2,200 sq meter land and gradually increase the number.

I am so happy that it is getting to be completed soon and will be beginning to look for people needing supply of Malunggay leaves for their products. I'll be working on that this week by sending proposals to 8 prospects. I pray that each opportunity will unfold and all will turn out alright!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Malunggay Propagation Is My Next Project

It's been two months now since I've been thinking of some big project to do and praying for it. If you've seen this picture below in some other blog, now you would remember who I am :)

Yes, that was me with my youngest in 2009. Those pictures were taken before the Pepeng flood washed away our 2nd planting of corn. Regrettably, it did not work out well and you could say I had to let it go. But still the land was there, it seems to bug me that I have not thought of anything to do with it much. So far, we've only planted a few grafted Guimaras Mango trees, which we are going to wait for 3 years to bear fruit. So here I was, getting antsy... wanting to help the environment... and still wanting to plant something at less cost or if possible no overheads at all ( just need elbow grease).

Okay, so later, I've had minor health problems which led me to take malunggay drinks for detox. Then I thought that this malunggay tree is just around our place anyway, so instead of the commercially available one, I opted for the malunggay leaves in original form.

I looked up feasibility studies and found out so much information which got me excited. I also took it as a sign when the malunggay pods I planted two months ago (before I was into all this) have grown so well!

Let me share you a few pictures.

1. The malunggay pods, believe me they are worth almost 4 pesos one pod but I got them for half the price. Before planting the pods, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours so that the seed can absorb all the water it needs for germination. The next day, plant it in a temporary plot just one and a half inch deep


2. The seeds sprouted on the 5th day. This is just my temporary plot.

3. The malunggay sprouts on the 6th day.

4. The malunggay sprouts on the 7th day. This is where I carefully transferred them to different places in my backyard garden.


5. Here are a few, 5 days later.


6. Picture below of the malunggay plant, which I left in a pot a week later.

Let this be the start of something big! These days we are busy clearing the 2000 more square meter lot and little by little planting malunggay stalks. Who knows, it might be a great start for my own Hacienda Luisita :) I will keep you posted when it's all ready.

What I really like most about planting malunggay, it helps in saving our environment!

An update: we are now selling moringa oleifera / malunggay seeds all year round
Please visit my page here :)

Note: Thanks to Moringa Farms for info

Friday, July 2, 2010

My best choices for country clip art and they are free!



Developing a website from scratch is quite easy, thanks to the help of free country clipart.

My first choice then was Lisa's Country Graphics and ClipArt and it gave more appeal to my website in a homely way. Most of Lisa's Cliparts are free, with her permission of course. Adding her badge to your website is best as a way of thanks.

I also got free country backgrounds from Lisa's Country Graphics for my website before at Geocities. My favorites were:

country brown spotbear bkgPhotobucketbluhearts bkg

I'm really missing that Geocities website, brings back happy memories of exchange with customers and inquiries.

My second choice of country clipart is Cute Colors, which I used many years later when I wanted to change the layout. The graphics are really cute! From pre-school children, apples, bears, dogs to fairies and flowers. It's quite difficult to choose which one I liked best so I mixed and matched.

Below are just a few of those graphics I used and am still using at the moment. Try them on your pages too!



bear banner

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