Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A quick welcome :)

Want to know more about the material and how selling it online was developed? Please read my previous posts.

I willingly relate and share all the things I experienced in online selling of this book /ebook. In here you will find all of the tips I'm sharing; the websites and ideas that helped; the other websites I have in selling (especially now that Geocities has closed); the feedback of satisfied parents, even the only one bad feedback that I received- though it wasn't true; the person who attempted selling this ebook without authorization- and at a much, much lesser price - and how I blocked the piracy; the odd times I went through but thankfully the cheques kept coming in the mail; I also would like relate how "too dedicated" I am in attending to my duties of delivering books and ebooks on time no matter what happens.

Hey, did you know that I stubbornly attended to my business up to the day I was having labor pains? (I was on the family way with my 5th in 2005) ... I now laugh at that, really, as I look back to those days! Read that story soon here. The story - and more- are just to show how I put the parents/clients first and in a way assure everyone that I'm a very honest person when it comes to my "small business".

I care a lot for the feedback I get from the people who purchase from me. Hours after I receive confirmation of their payment, I get down to facilitating their order (because that is how I am - client's satisfaction first).

And I'm happy that since I've started in 2001, I've maintained this business and continue to receive purchases/orders through word-of-mouth and social networking; what's more, I also accept orders from parents outside the Philippines, that's how the internet has done wonders for me... so I hope you come back often and read more of what I would like to share.

Basically, this is my little way of encouraging anybody, that if an ordinary person such as myself can earn online... then so can YOU!



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