Monday, August 30, 2010

Developing A Malunggay Farm

Am here again, friends, and again apologize for the nth time for my absence from serious blogging. I'm sharing (above) photos of our malunggay farm with mango and papaya trees on the side.

It's been more than a month now since my hubby cleared up the tall weeds up to the time he planted the malunggay stalks. Tough work indeed, and all I'm allowed to do is watch, take photos here and there and bring lunch for them so-called "workers"

I'll just be sharing the photos from the first of August until the 17th. Yet at this time the farm has developed so much already with more than 500 trees planted!

This is a huge project for us. We just plant according to what we learn online and from the advice of trusted farmers. So far our goal is to plant 1000 trees in this 2,200 sq meter land and gradually increase the number.

I am so happy that it is getting to be completed soon and will be beginning to look for people needing supply of Malunggay leaves for their products. I'll be working on that this week by sending proposals to 8 prospects. I pray that each opportunity will unfold and all will turn out alright!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Malunggay Propagation Is My Next Project

It's been two months now since I've been thinking of some big project to do and praying for it. If you've seen this picture below in some other blog, now you would remember who I am :)

Yes, that was me with my youngest in 2009. Those pictures were taken before the Pepeng flood washed away our 2nd planting of corn. Regrettably, it did not work out well and you could say I had to let it go. But still the land was there, it seems to bug me that I have not thought of anything to do with it much. So far, we've only planted a few grafted Guimaras Mango trees, which we are going to wait for 3 years to bear fruit. So here I was, getting antsy... wanting to help the environment... and still wanting to plant something at less cost or if possible no overheads at all ( just need elbow grease).

Okay, so later, I've had minor health problems which led me to take malunggay drinks for detox. Then I thought that this malunggay tree is just around our place anyway, so instead of the commercially available one, I opted for the malunggay leaves in original form.

I looked up feasibility studies and found out so much information which got me excited. I also took it as a sign when the malunggay pods I planted two months ago (before I was into all this) have grown so well!

Let me share you a few pictures.

1. The malunggay pods, believe me they are worth almost 4 pesos one pod but I got them for half the price. Before planting the pods, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours so that the seed can absorb all the water it needs for germination. The next day, plant it in a temporary plot just one and a half inch deep


2. The seeds sprouted on the 5th day. This is just my temporary plot.

3. The malunggay sprouts on the 6th day.

4. The malunggay sprouts on the 7th day. This is where I carefully transferred them to different places in my backyard garden.


5. Here are a few, 5 days later.


6. Picture below of the malunggay plant, which I left in a pot a week later.

Let this be the start of something big! These days we are busy clearing the 2000 more square meter lot and little by little planting malunggay stalks. Who knows, it might be a great start for my own Hacienda Luisita :) I will keep you posted when it's all ready.

What I really like most about planting malunggay, it helps in saving our environment!

An update: we are now selling moringa oleifera / malunggay seeds all year round
Please visit my page here :)

Note: Thanks to Moringa Farms for info