Monday, April 4, 2011

It's our 17th Anniversary!

It's our wedding anniversary today! 17 years together! It's still going to be a simple celebration just as simple as when we first met and lived together all these years. =)

I'm also going to finally give my answer to the tag my friend sent me ages ago. Know more about me and my hubby's tug-of-war relationship (My hate-turned-to-love story)

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby? Yes, I sure would! Nothing special at that time and no sparks flew. But prior to that, the first time I heard his name and it rang a bell, just strange.... The person who told me they moved in next door also said that he's my age and to watch out, he might court me. I just said " not my type". And I really meant it.

When was the first time you met him?

When they moved in next to us. It was the first time I actually met him and I realized he was the younger brother of this other batchmate we had who was talented in theater.

First impression. Friendly and loves to chat. Told me even the funniest stories he already knew from our schoolmates. But I found him "overconfident". He was clearly not my type and yet I was taken aback when he had the courage to ask if I somebody has ever courted me. "You're pretty but your not my type I don't like girls who put on weight easily, or girls who are fair-skinned, or girls with physical defects" ... something like that. Ouch, my wounded ego! I made a mental note that I will never ever talk nor greet this guy again. So the rest of our high school year we never became friends.

Were you attracted to him? Attracted? During that time, if you had asked me I would be rolling on the floor laughing! But, no. It still amazes me though, how I learned to love him when we started being friends.

Were you friends before he became your bf? Yes. It's was the very first time I befriended a guy before the relationship moved on to steady. It was a long, long, long wait for him though, and I was an uncaring person that year after having had so many heartbreaks. He courted me February 24th and I finally decided I liked him October 24th. Ten months! It's a familiar joke to everyone whom we know.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?
He has stood by me through good times and the bad - and I mean including the worst moments of our marriage. I'm glad also that I stayed with him despite all the odds that our family has been through. He has remained my friend. I have so many things to thank him for, just minute details that usually someone takes for granted.. but I see them always.

Looking forward to more blissful years together!


Chin chin said...

Congratulations for another milestone in your marriage. May you more blessed years together.

Pearl said...

Happy Anniversary. God bless your marriage.

christina said...

Hi blogwalking..

congratulations on your anniversary! more to come.

Star-chuu said...

Happy anniversary!! Wish you more anniversary to come on your way. May your marriage ended a joyful, happiness, harmony and more stronger despite of those odds you will go through. Have a great day and God bless.

Reading Homeschooler said...

Thanks to all of you our well-wishers! Thanks for your messages, I really appreciate them :)

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