Saturday, March 1, 2008

How I Helped Host My Aunt's Elementary Batch 1952 reunion

<Seated 1st row from L-R> Leticia De Guzman, Lorenza Serafica, Cecilia Mejia, Cecilia De Vera, Bernarda De Guzman, Francisca Lalata, Ana De Guzman, Marcelina Ranoli, Mr. (Principal), Azucena De Vera, Miguela Cabrera, Teodora Barrozo, Librada De Vera, Lourdes Castillo, Angelita Ariola, Jesusa Ariola; <Seated 2nd row from L-R> Salome Magalong, Cornelia Bautista, Leticia Cabrera, Eduvijes De Guzman, Brigida Biagtan, Eduvijes Magno, Caridad Lalata, Teresita Gonzales, Ingracia De Guzman, Emma Revilla, Leonarda Mamayson, Carmen Costes, Angelita Ibasitas, Maria Biagtas, Narcisa De Vera; <Seated 3rd row from L-R> Fidel Biacan, Efren Revilla, Jose Gotoc, Rogelio Frialde, Benjamin De Guzman, Ruperto Fabia, Norberto Dizon, Perpetuo De Guzman, Henry Cabanlig, Jose Mangonon, Daniel Biagtan, Crisostomo Frianela; <Seated 4th row from L-R> Dionisio De Guzman, Gregorio Biagtan, Lorenzo Biacan, Rodrigo Frialde, Armando Cabanlig, Fortunato Biagtas, Antonio Revilla, Domingo Bautista, Ruperto De Guzman

Elementary Class 1952 of Embarcadero Elementary School was held last February 29, 2008 at the Town Cresh Resort, Nibaliw East, San Fabian, Pangasinan. This reunion was organized by the coordinators Mrs. Lourdes Castillo-Soriano, Mrs. Francisca Lalata-Zipagan, Mrs. Bernarda De Guzman- Prestoza and Mrs. Azucena De Vera- De Guzman.

I'm so glad to be a part of this event though I'm not one of the batch. It's my aunt's elementary school batch that she told me to help organize. The goal was just to have an open communication with all the members of this batch, wherever they are, whatever they are now, as long as they see each other again. My aunt said before that some of them were not fortunate enough to go on to high school and had to stop schooling due to economic circumstances. Some went on to high school, some were even fortunate to work abroad and are permanent residents there.

It was a great day for the reunion, the weather was great... not too hot as we first prepared for. And every former classmate invited was present : Gil De Vera, Miguela "Mely" Cabrera-Ungos, Teodora "Dorang" Barrozo, Librada"Lib" De Vera-Estrada and Rudy Estrada, Lourdes Castillo-Soriano, Francisca "Paring" Lalata-Zipagan, Cornelia "Orel" Bautista and grandchildren, Bernarda "Bening" De Guzman-Prestoza and Tito Prestoza, Eduvijes "Duvy" Magno, Narcisa "Celing" De Vera, Fidel Biacan and wife, Efren Revilla, Rogelio Frialde, Benjamin "Ben" De Guzman and Azucena "Celing" De Vera-De Guzman, Crisostomo "Tommy" Frianela, Rodrigo Frialde, Ruperto "Ruping" De Guzman, Fred Tamayo, Emma Revilla, Pepito "Pito" Aquino and wife Kagawad Soledad Aquino, Jovita Garcia, Benjamin Sanchez,and Leonardo Cendana.

It was an enjoyable day for everyone!


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